Albumin dialysis in the inpatient area:
How can HepaNet help me?

HepaNet is able to provide all services necessary for liver dialysis according to your requirements. According to the needs of your clinic, HepaNet can help in addition.


Consumables and dialysis machines


Indication consulting, training, further education


Consistent full-service on patients with therapy support

What about the billing of costs?

Since 2004, a new regulation of the Federal Ministry of Health has enabled every clinic to charge an additional fee (ZE 2017-10) for the use of liver dialysis in addition to the DRGs. However, as with many other procedures, this amount must be negotiated annually with health insurances. Further information can be found at

HepaNet will gladly provide you with such a calculation of material costs, equipment technology and human resources.

What does that mean for my clinic?

In view of the strained economic and personnel situation in the clinics, the following advantages arise:

The clinic can offer its patients the latest treatment methods, but spare their own resources – only in actual need arise costs!

  • no costs due to purchase and maintenance of additional equipment
  • no costs due to storage of consumables
  • no constant training of doctors and nurses in the procedure
  • technically always up to date
  • Support for indication by HepaNet (Med. Advisory Board)
  • Support through advice on diagnostics and therapy (HepaNet Guide)
  • free support hotline (0700-5323744533)
  • Med. Advisory Council (second opinion!)