HepaNet GmbH has been an authorized dealer of GE Healthcare in Germany since autumn 2011.

We are now able to offer you a very innovative product: the Vscan

A powerful visualization tool.

Vscan is small and lightweight and fits comfortably in your pocket. So you always have it with you. After unfolding its lid, it is ready for use within a few seconds. Its battery capacity allows for more than one hour of examination after a single charge – concentrated energy that can accompany you throughout the day.

Insight into organs – improved patient flow

Vscan’s state-of-the-art technology allows you to visualize the upper abdominal organs, the great vessels, the heart and the urinary bladder in a realistic way. In the context of obstetrics it allows quick and easy orientation and other controls. By accelerating the diagnosis, Vscan can shorten patient waiting times and significantly optimize your workflow.

Handheld operation

Vscan is held in one hand and offers a surprisingly simple and intuitive handling, because all functions are controlled with the thumb of the holding hand! Presets for the most important applications additionally minimize the operating effort. Two imaging modes – the B-mode procedure and the color-coded Doppler mode – are available for a valid and meaningful first report.

Technical specifications

Vscan is a pocket-sized visualization tool that provides real-time black-and-white images for morphology and color-coded blood flow images. It can easily be integrated into the physical examinations and allows the physician an additional visual examination of the body. The images are created based on ultrasound technology.


  • Black-and-white mode for displaying morphology in real time
  • Color coded blood flow display in real time
  • Image field (FOV) for black and white imaging: up to 75 degrees with a maximum depth of 25 cm
  • The color Doppler sector represents blood flow within an angle of 30 degrees
  • Large bandwidth phased array probe: from 1.7 to 3.8 MHz
  • Total scan time of one hour with fully charged battery

User interface

  • The navigation wheel provides an intuitive user interface with minimal manual control
  • AutoOptimize adjusts the gain automatically for all depths
  • AutoCycle automatically recognizes completed heart cycles for easy and quick review or storage
  • Presets simplify optimized imaging settings for different organs
  • Voice recordings can be saved as part of each scan – speakers allow playback from the device

Clinical applications

  • cardiac
  • abdomen
  • bladder
  • obstetrics and gynecology
  • pediatrics
  • selected vascular applications
  • thorax / pleura flow and motion detection

Measures and weight

Scanner: 135 x 73 x 28 mm
Probe: 120 x 33 x 26 mm
Weight (scanner and probe): 390 g
Display: 3.5 inches, resolution 240 x 320 pixels