We are looking for

Specialists from the intensive care or dialysis who want to support full-time or as a freelancer HepaNet.

Interested physicians with experience in the application of extracorporeal procedures, liver diseases, liver transplantation and intensive care.

Practices that want to integrate the liver dialysis into your treatment spectrum with our help.

Our Team

Our team consists of experienced staff, each of whom are proven experts in their field.


Uwe Jost, MD:
Managing Director, shareholder, Hannover Central,
Tel. +49 (5136) 920 43 41


Susanne Jost:
Administration, Logistics, Shipping, Hannover Central,
Tel. +49 (5136) 920 43 41, Fax +49 (5136) 920 43 43

International Sales Consultant:

Dipl.-Ing. Andreas Goullon

Oktopus Service Berlin


International Sales Consultant:

Saman F. Alhowaizy, Aphr. Cons. Phys. MD,
Medical Coordinator Advisor MENA,
Tel. +49 (5136) 920 43 41   Mobile: +49 177 8110008



Sadaf Dormiani, Dipl.Ing.

Sascha Ding, Dialysis specialist

Tel. +49 (5136) 920 43 41

We are also supported by freelancers from various clinics who are responsible for on-site OPAL dialysis care.

Independent partner companies:

Dr. Bernd Angierski
BAMed Sachsen

Ulrich Stumborg
Edetox-Healthcare projects, Berlin