Advisory board of HepaNet GmbH

    Since the start of Hepanet GmbH, it has always been important that consulting and testing of the company’s services and products is carried out by an independent body. Therefore, several renowned doctors from different disciplines have come to accompany this process:

    Prof. H. Schmidt (University of Münster, Hepatologist)
    Prof. F.H. Saner (University of Essen, intensive care)
    Prof. S. Mitzner (University of Rostock, nephrologist)
    Prof. M. Bauer (University of Jena, anesthesiologist)
    Prof. J. Stange (University of Rostock, nephrologist)
    Prof. U. Baumann (MHH, pediatrician)
    Prof. P. Lamesch (Leipzig, transplant surgeon)
    PD M. Dollinger (Klinikum Landshut, Hepatologist)
    PD H. Wissing (Frankfurt, anesthesiologist)
    Prof. E. Kuse (Salzgitter, anesthesiologist)
    Prof. R. Brunkhorst (Hannover, nephrologist)

    All members of the advisory board participate free of charge.

    DIVI – Working Areas “Acute Liver Failure”

    Since 2009, the members of the advisory board have also been active in the newly founded working section “acute liver failure”.

    Prof. H. Schmidt, together with Prof. Bauer and U. Jost, created this section to:

    • to work together on guidelines for treating seriously ill patients.
    • to establish a registry for the detection of patients with acute liver failure.
    • Studies on these diseases, especially the use of extracorporeal procedures to initiate.